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Our company was born in 2006. We were young and small, and like children curious. Now we have grown, but remained curious like before, since what we are doing is not only our profession, but our passion and our life.

Our first steps in the IT - industry have been developing software in the programming language Pascal. It was interesting and useful experience, but progress is not standing on one place, therefore...

In 2007 our company began to work in the field of web-development. Our idea was create a user-friendly interface for users and tools for successful business. We prefer an individual approach to each client and each project, therefore offer our customers exactly what is right for them, not a template, but exclusive and unique results.

Another promising direction of our activity is the development of games. We love to play them, but more, we love to create them.

One of the goals of our company is to create products that will satisfy the customers not only an attractive interface, but also will be a model of high-quality, clear and logical, standards-compliant code.

The main asset of our company are people who are professionals. And we always strive to create for them a comfortable working environment, development and growth.

Our company is open to new ideas and new trends of the modern market, but whatever we do, we try to make it at the highest level.

One of the main principles of our work is trust-based relations with the client. Because only on the coordinated work of the two sides possibly create a really high-quality product.

We don't grudge the time and effort to achieve the best results!

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bugsex What we do?

We strive to find the optimal solution to your problem. Here are just a few generalized directions of our activity.

Creation of thematic sites

Creation of targeted sites on a single topic is much more efficient and more profitable than sites "about everything" because usually people prefer to receive information from sources that specialize on specific issues.

Creation of business card websites

Everything and everyone in the world today are looking for on the Internet. With the help of high-quality business card website you will learnt a lot faster.

Creation of online-shops

Convenient client interface and almost complete automation of the processes of buying and selling will make your business profitable and prosperous.

Design and creation of games

Today, games are an integral part of recreation and entertainment. We develop them from idea to final product.

Development of software

In order to simplify, streamline and automate various business processes of your business, we study the specifics of your work and create software that meets your requirements.

Sales of ready sites and software

Our team consists of creative people, so in addition to performance of work under the order, we create our own projects, bring to life our ideas.
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Used technologies
Used technologies
Used technologies
Used technologies
Used technologies
Used technologies

What we offer?

This is only a small but integral part of what we can offer you.


Execution of works in the optimal and agreed time, to obtain the highest quality of services.

Exclusive design

Quality design - it isn't just a pretty picture, but also a convenient and intuitive way to get the desired results, both for the user and for the owner of the resource.


Do not limit yourself and your business by a language barrier. Help your customers find you via a multilingual website.

Cross-browser compatibility & adaptability

Unconditional requirement for today's web-resources is the ability to see your website in the form conceived by using any browser and any device.

Technical support

Providing service and support created product is an integral part of our work. Our goal is not only to create a tool for the job, but also to learn you to use it.

Creating a turnkey project

Performing working from beginning to end, within the confines which was agreed with the customer, is a priority.
Do you have more questions? Write to us!

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HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP



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September 30, 2015


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From June 3rd, 2016


Release of the New Free Graphical User Interface Library

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